Milky Way DreamBee
I’m a Milky Way DreamBee. Every time that someone dreams about flying, one of us is born near the Pleiades, far in the sky. When you have a recurrent dream it’s because your DreamBee is flying around a place that she has already been.
This is a great oportunity to meet her. If you realize that you are having a dream that you have already had, you have to look up to the sky, and if you pay atention you will see your DreamBee flying around. If you are able to look at her for a while without forget that you’re dreaming, the next day she will arrive in a material way, in a box from Australia, in the way
of a basic shape for you to play with her. The best part: in the same moment that the box arrives you forget about the dream you had.

Gabo Gesualdi
Treviso, Italy
(originally Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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